Wednesday, 6 December 2017 

Meeting of the President Xhaferi and the State Department Director for South Central European Affairs, Mr. Matthew Palmer  

Today, in Washington D.C. the President of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Talat Xhaferi met Mr. Matthew Palmer, State Department Director for South Central European Affairs.   

The President Xhaferi expressed appreciation for the Meeting and the opportunity to meet a representative of the strategic partner, with whom the Republic of Macedonia builds excellent and dynamic bilateral relations.

The President of the Assembly underlined that the integration to NATO and EU remain highest state, political and strategic priority. The Legislative House joins the efforts for the reform processes prioritized by the parliamentary majority, as well as by all political entities in the state, in which the constructiveness of the opposition has essential importance. In this context, the USAID support is more than welcomed and significantly contributes in the democratic development of the state.

Mr. Palmer welcomed the delegation of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia and expressed high appreciation for the extraordinary role of the President Xhaferi in the facilitation of the transition of the governance and regaining the functionality of the legislative House.

The interlocutors discussed the current political development in the state, agreeing that the judiciary governance should be independent and transparent in the process of adoption of decisions, bearing in mind the interest of the state and the benefits for the citizens.

Mr. Palmer underlined that the United States of America care about the democratic processes and the rule of law in the Republic of Macedonia since they see Macedonia as a dedicated partner whom they will continue to support in the future.   


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