EU news

Wednesday, 29th July, 2009, Goteborg

Conference on the creativity and cultural habits of children and young people

On 29-30 July, 350 experts and participants from across the EU will meet in Goteborg for a conference on the creativity and cultural habits of children and young people. The conference is taking place within the context of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation.


Friday, 17 july 2009

MEPs say no to violence in Iran, China and Honduras

Condemnation of violence was the common thread across three debates the EP held Wednesday afternoon. MEPs discussed the violence in Iran after presidential elections, ethnic clashes in China and coup d'état in Honduras.


Monday, 6 july 2009

Microfinance for Europe's unemployed

EU proposes microfinance facility to encourage the unemployed to start their own businesses. The commission is proposing microfinancing to provide people who have lost their jobs with small loans to start their own businesses and help existing companies expand. The proposal is spelled out in the action plan for jobs.


Monday, 6 july 2009, Strasbourg

Summer University for Democracy

The topic of the 4th Summer University for Democracy, organised by the Council of Europe with the support of the European Union, the French Government and the local authorities of Alsace and Strasbourg, is „Global challenges to democracy“.


Tuesday, 21 july 2009

The European Commission allocates €70 million for key investment projects in the EU’s Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF), a key instrument of the intensified European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), will benefit in 2009 from a €70 million contribution by the European Commission. These resources will allow neighbouring partner countries to leverage increased funding for major investment projects in areas such as energy, transport and environment, and also SME development and the social sector.


Friday, 26 june 2009, Strasbourg

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is seeking „Partner for democracy“

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) is to create a new “Partner for democracy” status for the parliaments of countries neighbouring the Council of Europe area – provided they agree to work towards the Organisation’s values such as free elections and abolition of the death penalty.


Monday, 22 june 2009, Strasbourg

Summer session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

A biennial debate on “the state of human rights in Europe”, focusing on the need to eradicate impunity and the progress of the Assembly’s monitoring procedure, is a highlight of the summer session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in Strasbourg on 22-26 June 2009.


Friday, 12 june 2009, European commission


Terrorism, cyber-security, organised crime and border control are among the issues raised in a new commission paper opening debate on the EU’s law-and-order agenda for the next five years. That agenda – referred to as the „Stockholm programme“ – will replace the current  „Hague programme“, which expires in December.


Wednesday, 17 june 2009

Equality in a time of crisis

The recession could hit working women harder than men, an EU study warns, underscoring persistent disparities between the sexes in the European labour market. Already in good times, unemployment and poverty are more common among women than men. This is partly because many women – about one-third - work part-time, including on temporary contracts, which undermines their job security.


Tuesday,16 june 2009, Council of Europe

Why many Europeans limit the size of their families?

Evidence shows that people in Europe wishing to have children postpone, limit or fail to fulfil this wish because of unfavourable social, economic or other factors. Ministers responsible for family affairs from Council of Europe member states will take part in a major conference – Public Policies Supporting the Wish to Have Children: Societal, Economic and Personal Factors – to examine the best policies to help people wanting to have children.


Strasbourg, 7 May 2009

Pottering sums up his term as he bids farewell to his presidency

In a calm voice that perhaps belied his emotions, Hans-Gert Pottering gave his farewell speech after two and a half years as Parliament's President on Wednesday. He noted that since the last elections the House had adapted to MEPs from 12 new countries, adopted scores of pieces of legislation and had undertaken internal reform. He also spoke of the support it had given to the Middle East peace process and cultural exchange. He finished by urging people to vote in the June elections.


Strasbourg, 4 May 2009

60th Anniversary of the Council of Europe

In the first sixty years of its existence, the Council of Europe has helped to reconcile a continent after decades of ideological divide, created a Europe-wide court in which individuals can seek protection of their human rights, outlawed the death penalty in Europe, and produced an arsenal of more than 200 international treaties to defend and extend the Council of Europe values of democracy, human rights and the rule of law. Political stimulus is provided through a Parliamentary Assembly which also elects the organisation’s most important officials through an open and competitive vote. Grassroot democracy is cultivated by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities.