The President of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia is elected from among its Members by a  majority vote of the total number of Members. The mandate of the President is 4 years.
The President of the Assembly represents the Assembly, convenes and chairs its sessions, ensures the implementation of the Rules of Procedure, signs the decrees for promulgation of the adopted laws  and carries out other responsibilities determined by the Constitution and the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly.

 Furthermore, the President of the Assembly:

-provides clarifications on the implementation of the Rules of Procedure, for which purpose he/she may request an opinion by the Committee on the Rules of Procedure, Mandate and Immunity;

- determines the working body competent for debating particular issues submitted to the Assembly (competent working body);

- examines the procedural accuracy of a proposal for launching a citizens' initiative for adoption of a law, for calling of a referendum at a national level and for submitting proposal to start a procedure for amendments to the Constitution; 

- ensures coordination of activities between the Assembly and the President of the Republic and the Government;

-cooperates with the Coordinators of Parliamentary Groups;

-on behalf of the Assembly, pursues international cooperation with parliamentary, diplomatic, consular and other representatives of foreign countries and international organisations, as well as with other foreign officials;

-follows the work of the Assembly's Service, ensures promotion of its work and creation of conditions for its modern and efficient operation;

-entrust certain obligations to the Secretary General;

-establishes working groups to examine issues falling within the competence of the Assembly;

-passes acts stipulated with the Rules of Procedure, and

-conducts other duties stipulated with the Constitution, law and the Rules of Procedure. 

President of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia is Mr. Talat Dzaferi

Former Presidents of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia.