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Tuesday, 2 August 2011, Krushevo

Address of the President of theAssembly of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Trajko Veljanoski on “Ten DaysKrushevo Republic” Celebration 

Distinguished guests, 
Dear co-citizens 

Mechkin Kamen has a very special historical place that has a very special place in our hearts. 108 years ago, the foundation of the Macedonian statehood was established in this very special place. In 1903 the Macedonian nation established the first Republic in this European Region, here in Krushevo. 

Clearly expressing our will for independence and sovereignty we have shown that there is no greater desire than the desire for freedom.
We have shown that the feeling to be you on your own lands,  have a safe hearth and family is an irreplaceable and inalienable right of every human being.

We pay our respect today to many men have fall for the ideal of freedom and an independent state. 

Thanking to the sacrifice of our ancestors we are gathered here today at this significant location.

Thanking to their vision and determination not to give up on the final goal, today, the Republic of Macedonia is an independent and modern country, in which every citizen lives freely.

That is why it is important to celebrate this day!

We, the successors of Goce Delchev, Pitu Guli, Jane Sandanski, Gorche Petrov and other giants of the Macedonian history, ought to remember and never to forget the century’s long fight for freedom, rights and dignity.

Although the Ilinden’s Day Uprising is the culmination of the Macedonian fight for independence, it is important to underline other struggles that have equally contributed in the fulfillment of the dream for independent Macedonia. We should pay our respect to the Karopsh Rebellion, Razlovci Uprising, Kumanovo, Ohrid and Tikvesh Uprisings as well as the National Liberation War and the Partisan Movement which is a continuation of the Macedonian fight for independence.

Our history is full of heroic deeds which are the essence and the goal of our existence!

The constancy of the Macedonian nation and the unbreakable Macedonian spirit for independent Macedonia is not only a desire.
Macedonia is a reality for the past 2 decades.

Our responsibility before the testament and the heritage is grand. Because of the fallen fighters here and in many other locations, we live the future for which the sons and daughters of Macedonian dreamed and fought for.

Reminding ourselves of the past, in which, through our ancestors, we created and participated- we will notice that every period has its challenges we need to face with.

If at the beginning of the 20th century we fought for a place under the sun, today at the dawn of the 21 century, the challenge is to grow into a stabile and prosperous country that opens opportunities and new perspectives for its citizens.

This is the battle of our generation, and we can not retreat even in the hardest times because dawn follows the nigh.
That is why, 2nd of August, Ilinden Day is so important for us. 

On this day, every year we remind ourselves that we cannot succumb before the obstacles on our path. 

 This is the place where our ancestors, aware that the chances of success are not in their favor, strongly fought till the last moment for what they believed in and desired.

Equally heroic is the fight against the Fascism, when Macedonia, after the second Ilinden in St. Prohor Pchinski doubtlessly started its path towards its independence.

The persistence and the constancy alone lead to fulfillment of the strive which seem distant and unreachable.

This persistence is the essence of the Macedonian spirit.

Never forget this!

Seeing the Republic of Macedonia today, I am proud of the maturity we have showed as a nation and as a state.

We are honored and pleased to promote the deeds of the fathers of our nation and state.

We enter this millennium guided by the wish for Macedonia to be better home for us and for our families.

It was really hard at the beginning!

 There were times when we had every right to lose our hope!

Instability, wars and the tiring period of the other governing system put to the test our preparedness to deal with serious problem potentially causing serious consequences. But we managed to rise above these obstacles and we showed that Macedonia deserves more and better.

One of the great achievements of our generation is the return of the trust in the law and justice as pillars of the stability and harmony of the society. No one is entitled to build his career or gain material benefits in better conditions than others.

No less and no more for anyone!

This is the only path to success.

We have managed to significantly contribute for the revival and the development of the economy. Its is not easy to transfer to market economy but working studiously and with the dedication of the institutions of the system, we have managed to develop our entrepreneur sprit.

But the development and the increased economic power require two preconditions in the achievement of this goal.

The first refers to keeping up with the technologies. The modernization is the only path for the Macedonian products and for their competitiveness on the European and world market. That is why there is a need for constant modernization of the production and the technologies. 

 The second and perhaps the most important element for long-term development and progress of a state is the education.
Knowledge is the key for the success of Macedonia.

Knowledge conquers the world and eliminates borders and limitations.

Knowledge provides progress.

Only a highly educated nation can keep up with the modern time and create future.

Our obligation is to provide our children to gain as much knowledge as possible.

Encourage young people to learn, to upgrade and complement their knowledge.

Remember that the greatest revolutioners were teachers, people with broad views and knowledge that was selflessly transferred to others. They knew that the education can fulfill every desire and goal in life.

The implementation of the reforms in the army, enforced several years ago, were recognized internationally. 

Our preparedness to become full-fledged member of NATO is a firm confirmation of this fact.  

Today, our soldiers who fought for independence and freedom of their state,  actively are contributing in the peace missions, together with their colleagues from USA, Great Britain, Poland and other states from the Alliance, to provide other nations the freedom present in the Republic of Macedonia, a freedom which is expected from every modern democracy.

Appreciating the peace, stability and security as conditions for which there are no other alternatives, we remain determined to the peace missions lead by our allies.

We continue to build the world in the spirit of universal human rights and freedoms which were the reason for the grand Krushevo Uprising,  celebrated today.

 Along with the NATO Membership, the Republic of Macedonia is moving fast towards the Membership in the European Union. The reforms we are enforcing for improvement of our lives, rights and freedoms bring us closer to the Union. The recommendation on date for opening accession negotiations, received consecutively is a proof of this statement.

The values we share with the EU countries naturally place us among our brothers and sisters of the European countries.

I sincerely believe that the day when our state takes its position among the fellow European nations is near. 

Bearing in mind the efforts and the visions of Krushevo revolutioners for human rights and freedoms for all citizens, allow me to refer to the multiculturalism and the ethnic co-existence which are the feature and tradition of the Macedonian society. 

 These rights were the essence of the Krushevo Upraise!

The Manifest which the Krushevo Republic was established on, is an example of respect of life and happiness.
Krushevo Manifest was not discriminating on any basis.

On the contrary!

It united all nations and all religions in the idea for independent Macedonia.

It is our obligation to continue the progress on the basis of this heritage. 

We must work on the development of mutual understanding and respect. 

Being different does not mean that we cannot and should not be friends, neighbors or co-citizens!

Dear friends

Before the end of my address allow me to remind you that this year we mark the 108th anniversary since the Ilinden Uprising but also Macedonia celebrates the 20th anniversary since its independence.

Looking back to the times when this gathering was only a dream of the Macedonian revolutioners, I must express great pleasure and happiness for the success of Macedonia and the Macedonian cause.

Today, we live in modern European state that rushes towards its future. 

Reasonably I expect our country to become Member State of NATO and the European Union very soon.

Knowing you, I also know that this progress of the Macedonian state and society will continue and will be accelerated.

I believe that when in 20 years, we will gather again on Mechkin Kamen we will discuss even greater achievements than these.

Then we will once again recall the grand Ilinden revolutioners, the first hard years following the independence, we will recall these years of progress and we will think about the future 20 years of the Macedonia’s path.

In the end, I call you never to forget the suffering and the travail in the establishment of our state!

The possibility to live in a prosperous and stabile country is not simply a granted right. 

Generations of dedicated patriots fought for the life we live today. 

We have invested so much and we gave up on a lot to make Macedonia a better home for us and for our children.

That is why we must remain firmly dedicated to the path that we have chosen and desired. 

We know that this is not always easy!

Sometimes what we strive and selflessly fight for may not become a reality in our lifetime, but that does not mean that we should give up or hesitate.

Sometimes we do not reap the fruits of our labor. 

Macedonia became an independent state 90 years after the Ilinden Uprising. The sparkle of 1903 became a great light in 1991, which meant accomplishment of the centuries old dream of freedom for the Macedonian nation.

Now, when our destiny does not depend on anyone but ourselves, there are even greater expectations.

Let us not forget that these great deeds are made by ordinary people who have pervaded their destiny with the destiny of our biblical Motherland.

To us befalls, with strong faith in God, to achieve for Macedonia what we wish for our families.

Praised be the Ilinden Revolutioners and all who sacrificed for the homeland and proved that the existence of higher goals in life justifies the will of a nation to courageously and persistently continue the path even in the hardest times. 

May the memories of the two Ilindens be everlasting. 

Praised be the Ilinden fighters who fall before the Altar of the Motherland! 

May God bless you all and spread His mercy and blessing over His Land, our Motherland Macedonia. 

Long live Macedonia. 

Thank you.


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