Parliamentary Leadership

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Meeting of the President Veljanoski and the Group for SWEDISH- Macedonian friendship from the Parliament of SWEDEN

The President of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Trajko Veljanoski met the Parliamentary Group for Swedish- Macedonian Friendship from the Parliament of Sweden.  

The Delegation is comprised of the Chair of the Group, Mr. Oskar Oholm, MP from the Moderati Party and the MPs: Ms. Suzanne Svensson (SDP); Peter Sadberg (Green Party) and Mr. Michael Svensson, Moderati Party. 

The President Veljanoski informed the Group on the work of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia and the present events in the Republic of Macedonia, underlining that the Republic of Macedonia receives three consecutive positive EC Progress Reports, but because of the well known issue with Greece, the path to the European Union is burdened.  

Still, aside from the mentioned issue with Greece, the Republic of Macedonia implements all reforms and directives from the European Union. President Veljanoski underlined that Republic of Macedonia accepted advice and experience from friendly countries, such as Sweden. 

Mr. Oholm underlined that one of the significant tasks of the Friendship Group is to raise the awareness of the Swedish citizens for the events and conditions in the Republic of Macedonia and to contribute in focusing the public debate on the enlargement of the European Union. 

The participants agreed that the Republic of Macedonia has implemented the EU reforms and directives, even though it is now a Member State of EU, since these reforms and conditions are not only a condition for membership in the Union, but a benefit for the citizens and for the state.


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