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Wednesday, 07 March 2012


Welcoming the new Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Aivo Orav, the President of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Trajko Veljanoski underlined his preparedness and the preparedness of the Members of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia to support every initiative in direction of efficient and fruitful cooperation.

The President Veljanoski expressed his pleasure from the so far successful cooperation with the previous Heads of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Macedonia, which resulted in three consecutive positive Progress Reports on the Republic of Macedonia, especially of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia and expressed his preparedness for future efforts to sustain the continuity of the positive evaluation in the future period. 

He underlined that as a Chairman of the Assembly, he is obliged to take care of this institution and through the efficient work, to contribute in the positive impetus in the progress of the state. Considering that the Republic of Macedonia is part of the Balkans, which is a region of various events, facing these challenges in direction of reaching the projected goals is a challenge itself. 

Our state belongs to Europe, not only as a territory, but also, formally. It is up to the politicians when the Republic of Macedonia will formally become part of the European family. 

The fact that all citizens, regardless of the national, religious or party belonging support the Membership of the Republic of Macedonia in the European Union, after 6 years as candidate state, should be taken in consideration. We understand reforms above all, not only as a condition for becoming part of the European family but as an opportunity for improvement of the overall living conditions of the citizens- underlined the President Veljanoski. 

He also underlined the efficient work of the Vice Presidents of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia and the Coordinators of the political parties, which certainly contributes for the positive impression and evaluation for the Legislative House. 

The Ambassador Orav underlined that he sees Republic of Macedonia as familiar and close country, considering the 7 years mandate as non-residential Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to the Republic of Macedonia, which is an advantage for his mandate as Head of EU Delegation to the Republic of Macedonia. He expressed his conviction that the he will continue the positive work of his previous colleagues in the representation of our state before the European Union, and all its Members, as well as all aspiring countries. 

He stated that the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Macedonia should be prepared in case of opening accession negotiations, and that the Progress Report is a very significant document, as well as that the positive evaluation requires efforts from both sides, underlining also, the necessity and importance of the high degree of public support for the Euro-integration process. 

Ambassador Orav underlined the work of the Committee on European Issues, the National European Integration Council, as well as the implementation of the OSCE/ODHIR recommendations, as well as opening of the high accession dialogue as significant tasks for both sides. 

The President Veljanoski expressed his preparedness to impose all the efforts in direction of promotion of the parliamentary diplomacy, which should be provided with a wider dimension, since this kind of diplomacy opens, but also closes many issues, which cannot be closed through other paths.


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