Parliamentary Leadership

Friday, 16 March 2012

meeting of the president veljanoski and the president of montenegro, Mr. Filip VUJANOVIK

At the meeting both sides underlined the highly developed bilateral relations, which are constantly being promoted. The President of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Trajko Veljanoski especially underlined the role of the Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro in the development of the good neighbourly relations in the Region, which contributes in its stability and the European and Atlantic integrations of all states. 

In this context the President Veljanoski congratulated the President of Montenegro Vujanovik on the progress of Montenegro in these processes.

The President Veljanoski also emphasised the parliamentary cooperation.I hope that this parliamentary cooperation will be deepened in the future considering the role of the national parliaments in the processes of our Euro-Atlantic integration. 

The President Veljanoski referred to the economic relations underlining that there are possibilities for their future development; we should focus on the regional approach in the development of the economic relations, since we would be more easily involved in the European and global economic tendencies, as we will be more attractive for the foreign investors. 

The President of Montenegro, Mr. Filip Vujanovik once again expressed his pleasure and appreciation for the support from the Republic of Macedonia for the Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro. We are all aware that the Republic of Macedonia has achieved all criteria for membership in NATO and I personally hope that all international entities and organizations will respect the verdict from Hague

The President Vujanovik also underlined the need and the possibilities for intensification of the regional cooperation in the area of economy, especially for the major infrastructural projects. 


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