Parliamentary Leadership

Friday, 21 December 2012


At the meeting, both interlocutors underlined the highly developed friendly relations between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Turkey, reaffirming the common interests the cooperation to be further developed. 

The President of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Trajko Veljanoski underlined the principle and the constructive support of the Republic of Turkey for the Republic of Macedonia in the process of integration in EU and NATO, as well as the view of the Republic of Turkey regarding the verdict of the International Court in Hague, which is particularly seen in the bilateral and in the multilateral relations.

Reminding of the Strategy on Strengthening the Bilateral Relations ratified in 2008, the President Veljanoski underlined that this traditional friendship between the two states and nations is noticeable and developed in all areas. The cooperation between the two business communities is another field of cooperation as well. 

Speaking of the parliamentary cooperation, the President Veljanoski underling that it is intensive on all levels, from meetings of Cooperation Groups, Parliamentary Committees; as well as on the level of Speakers, which certainly highly contributes in the overall relations. 

The President Veljanoski underlined the role of the Turkish Community stating that its members constantly demonstrate loyalty to the state and highly contribute in the overall social development of the Republic of Macedonia. 

Referring to the decision of the Ministerial Council of the European Union, the President Veljanoski underlined that even though we did not receive the deserved invitation for opening negotiations, the Republic of Macedonia will continue to work on the reforms in all areas.
He also stated that our strategic determination is a full-fledged membership in EU, and in this framework, an overall integration of the Region, which is in the interest of all state and of Europe in general.

Regarding the regional cooperation, the President Veljanoski underlined that the Republic of Macedonia will continue working on the development of the good neighbourly relations since they are the base for the stability of the region as well as relation of the Euro Atlantic perspectives.

The President Veljanoski underlined that in the framework of the Presidency with SEECP, a Conference of the Speakers of Parliaments of SEECP is planned to be scheduled in Ohrid in May, and underlined that he expects Mr. Cemil Çiçek, President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey to attend the Conference.

The Minister Davutoglu, expressing appreciation for the meeting, underlined that the Republic of Macedonia becomes great friend and significant partner and entity for Turkey, both on Regional and wider level.

He also expressed his conviction that the bilateral relations will be further developed in the future, since it is a pleasure and benefit for both nations as well as for the region and its stability.  

He also underlined that the parliamentary cooperation is seen as cooperation between the nations, and that this cooperation highly contributes in the development of the overall relation between our states.

The Minister Davutoglu stated that the visit of the President Veljanoski to the Republic of Turkey will be a great pleasure for them as hosts. 


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