Parliamentary Leadership

Friday, 1 March 2013, Mavrovo


Distinguished Members of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia 
Distinguished Mayor of the Municipality Mavrovo and Rostusha,
Distinguished veterans of skiing, contestants, sport workers, sports lovers 

The modern society requires active engagement of the individuals in every aspect of life. It requires building our own style and manner of life improving our society. It is said that the sport has an important role in the active leisure, and for many, it is a professional determination and lifelong passion. Every sport benefits the body and the spirit. The sports activities are an integral part of the activities in direction of achieving particular social goals in the area of education, upbringing and security, and in some degree affirmation of the national values. 

I am pleased and honored that this year, on the tracks of the beautiful Mavrovo, the traditional and jubilee 50th Mavrovo Memorial will take place, fulfilling the dreams and wished of the generations from 1957 that organized the first memorial- Nordic Skiing Contest. The contest is being held in the honor of the deceased 38 construction workers of the electrical system Mavrovo hydroelectric power station and 14 brave border guards who died in the avalanche in 1956., who are the true ganglion adorning the present. Let us remind ourselves of the young constructionists, who, at the “Mavrovo 48” action said: “we do not have enough machinery, but we have something else, we had heart and strong will to build our state, and that is stronger than any machine… ” 

The tradition and our vision to be among the European and world elite in Nordic skiing continue. The pearl of the Macedonian winter tourism- Mavrovo and its natural rarities has got a capacity for development of skiing and sport tourism. Macedonia gradually approaches other countries that practice this kind of development. I sincerely hope that we well continue promoting the quality of life and sport in general.

This vision obliges us to impose even greater efforts to reach our final goal. Mavrovo Memorial, as FIS contest to become one of the best organized contests in the Balkan. This ski contest is a very important symbol for Macedonia. In the past years and strategy improving the Memorial is being intensively developed.

The sport, as a mass movement influences all areas and all generations, the infrastructure and especially superb sport in the Republic of Macedonia deserve the highest respect. The results of the individuals and teams who invested their enthusiasm and themselves to achieve the highest goals and to promote the Macedonian sport on regional and international level must be respected and welcomed.

I believe that the Republic of Macedonia as a sport nation, trough the adopted strategy for Development of Sport and the Long-term Development Program, through the Agency on Youth and Sport, Macedonian Olympic Committee, Ski Federation will animate the sport workers and young people to invest themselves in the development of the winter sports and the dignified presentation of their country.

Distinguished attendees,

The sport unites us, makes us proud and dignified, it shows us the way to healthy and quality life. In other words, the physical activities and sport motivates good spirit and helps in maintaining the good work shape. In the dynamic times of today, when we are constantly racing the leisure, we should all accept the sport as one of the mechanisms for healthy life. That is why we should all live by the motto: good heath coming from the healthy spirit and healthy body means healthy nations.

Finally, allow me to declare that the 50th jubilee Mavrovo Memorial is opened.

Thank you!


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