Parliamentary Leadership

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Distinguished President of the Republic of Macedonia, 
Distinguished Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia, 
Distinguished Members of the first composition of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, 
Distinguished fellow MPs, Ministers, Representatives of the Religious Communities, 
Your Excellences, 
Ladies and gentlemen,

Every new celebration of the 8th of September is our joint opportunity to reaffirm the common values and trust, as the base of every modern state, every sound society, every family- in the creation of their better future.   
8th of September is another opportunity to rise and keep the moral of the nation, unity and strength of Macedonia. On this day we reaffirm the loyalty to our state. 8th of September is the day which unites us all under the sun of Macedonia! 


In this occasion, once again, allow me to express my gratitude to the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, who in the turbulent times of dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, on the 8th of September 1991, at referendum, decided, with great majority, for sovereign and independent state, embodied in the two Ilindens. In this occasion, once again, I express gratitude to the Members of the first composition of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, the first Government of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as to the first President of the Republic of Macedonia. Today, we remind ourselves and pay respect to all who invested their lives and deeds in Macedonia. 

We all agree that the 8th of September referendum is our greatest modern victory. In the past 22 years, victories are being valued through the success of the implemented reforms and whether we introduced democratic standards. The victories are being valued through the increased life standard, through the new generations of well educated young people and through the economic progress in general.

There are different answers to the question who and to what degree contributed thereof. There will be different answers. This is natural in a pluralistic and democratic society that we are building. After same time, from a sufficient time distance, this question will be clarified. This should be the case; other generations should speak of us. 

But, at the present time, during all these daily differences of opinions and political conflicts, there is a substance which is internal, immanent, connective to all of us. That, distinguished guests, is the interest of the nation, that is Macedonia! The future generations.  
In order to succeed in the defense and promotion of the state interests, we have to unconditionally respect the basis for each victory– Unity! Fellowship! For the unity to be sustainable and productive there must be mutual trust. There is no progress without trust, it is the binding tissue of the community, it is the essence that makes things possible, both, in the economy and in the society, in every family. Our unity is our victory! Mutual trust is our victory!

Distinguished friends, 

As multiethnic, multicultural and multiconfessional society we have created conditions for an overall equality of all ethnic communities in the preservation of their identity. I believe that today, regardless is we are Macedonians, Albanians, Romas, Turks, Vlachs, Serbs, Bosnians, we feel the Republic of Macedonia as our motherland. 

Aside from all obstacles and blockades, the Republic of Macedonia actively continues to be a factor of stability and constructiveness in the Region. For our own benefit, as well as for the European integration, here, in the legislative house and in general, we continue to implement the needed reforms and harmonization. That is why the political differences and clashes should be subordinated to the important state affairs. This is what citizens expect from us. They expect unity and cooperation from us. There is no greater reason for unity, than Macedonia and the future of our citizens! 

Ladies and gentlemen, 

Allow me to congratulate you and the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, 8th of September. 

Long live the 8th of September!


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