Parliamentary Leadership

Friday, 2 August 2013


Distinguished attendees,

Distinguished fellow citizens,

Respected veterans, participants in the anti-fascist fight,

Followers and respecters of the great deeds of the Ilinden fighters,

Distinguished Members of the Assembly,

Distinguished Members of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia,

Your Excellencies,

Representatives of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, as well as all of other religious communities,

Distinguished guests,

Dear Friends,

Honoring this day, as the National Day, a holiday of our state and the fight of our people, we once again fulfill the legacy left by our ancestors, from Ilinden fighters to those from ASNOM, in other words legacy from all compatriots who gave sacrifice for the realization of the idea for the free Macedonia.
Celebrating their sacrifices for free and independent state, we pay our gratitude for their rebellion and perseverance, because of which today we are on our own.
Ilinden is the foundation of our statehood and independence!
Ilinden is the granite witness of the investment in generations before us!
Ilinden is a motive for action!
Ilinden is the desired energy!
This day is the unstoppable impulse that leads Macedonia and will lead it forward towards new victories!


This unstoppable impulse for the victory of justice was part of Ilinden’s fighters in their unconditional battle for freedom, as well as the famous partisans who equally dedicated themselves to the idea of an independent Macedonian state.

We had this impulse two decades ago when the democratic Republic of Macedonia was established, it remains to this day, as the challenges are still here, and our commitment towards building a better future remain our strongest imperative.

Let us preserve what we have!

Respect it as a priceless heritage that we have inherited.

Unconditionally recognize and cherish the memories of the famous Ilinden epic.

Finally, we must promote all this through our work and pass it on to the generations that are proudly walking with us.

Every generation has its vision, its methods and battles.

Today we face challenges that are creating problems related to the state and national symbols, traditions, and roots, BUT I KNOW THAT WE WILL WIN IN THIS DIFFICULT AND UNPRINCIPLED BATTLE.

Today, all of us, together, have the great task of fighting for a better world for our children, grandchildren, and future generations of Macedonians.

Dear friends,

The pains, great sacrifices, and the decade log cries for freedom from our famous ancestors, have forever obligated us to maintain our freedom.

For that freedom countless known and unknown voivodes, comitads, and partisans, boldly and consciously, invested thenselves in the foundations of Macedonia.

Goce, Jane, Dame, Pitu, Chento and many others.

Names that have obligated us, but also taught us how expensive freedom is.

One of them is Metodija Andonov-Chento.

His fate determined him to be a fighter for the cause called Macedonia, and to bear the difficult burden of the fatherland and the intra-Macedonian struggles.

Even as a child he lived through all the difficulties and injustices that for decades were an everyday occurrence for all Macedonian people, slavery and the ruthless propaganda for the assimilation and the annihilation of an entire nation.

Chento dedicated his entire life and work to the idea of a free and united Macedonia. He recognized the importance of the ideals and aims established by the famous Ilinden fighters. He knew that the basis for peace, freedom and equality in Macedonia is found in Macedonian independence only! Knowing the important influence that Ilinden had on him, it should not surprise us that in the formulation of the Manifest of 1944, he insisted on writing and publishing the following:

“Starting from the age-old ideal of the Macedonian people, the first Macedonian National Assembly proclaims, in front of the whole world, its justified and invariable wish for uniting all Macedonian people. With that an end shall be put to the slavery in all parts of the Macedonian nation and there will be e creation of the preconditions for honest solidarity and peace between Balkan peoples”.

This forward looking viewpoint of Chento, which is maybe even timeless in its universally humane character, cannot be forgotten.

Through is committed his battle and dedication Chento reminds us that our basic guide should be unity of all citizens who call Macedonia their home, who live their lives in this state, build their families, and which will pass the future generations the holy vision for internal unity for harmony, respected and understanding in our multi-ethnic society.


The overcoming of challenges continues!

Together, stronger than ever before!


For better care for all of us, especially those who are most vulnerable.

We are fighting and trying to create a better life for us all.

These battles are difficult in their own way, but we shall win, because it is for Macedonia, for our children, for our grandmothers and grandfathers, mothers and fathers, it is for all of us!

Deviation before challenges is not part of our gene.

It is not in our blood, which through all the past pains and struggles has become that much stronger, and through that more resistant.

In our history we have had many enemies, strong, and seemingly invincible empires, but we have never backed down, we have never been reluctant.

Our time has brought its own difficulties and problems, but we shall not concede, we shall fight and win!

We know exactly where we are going, which values we share and where we naturally belong. We have told this and showed this many times, and if need be we shall continue to as much as necessary.

We want to be part of the European Union and NATO and all of our reforms and efforts are directed in that way. We, as a people, know something else- that we will walk the path as Ilinden taught us - strongly, proudly, honestly, and responsibly!

Without self-respected, the value of every achievement is significantly lower.

We shall continue on the path that we have defined not forgetting that Macedonia is one and indivisible.

We are not without an identity, a seed without a root, a house without a foundation!

We owe this to our forefathers, to our future, to our children, to our descendants.

Because of this, please, one more time, may we pay our respects, from the depths of our souls, to all the known and unknown heroes, who through their actions and sacrifices made this day possible?

They made this formal gathering reality and made Macedonia a sovereign and independent state, equal with all other states and peoples in the world.

For their actions,

For their sacrifices for the fatherland,

For the future that they did not have but provided us to live it. 

Glory to them!!!


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