Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Distinguished citizens,

It gives me special pleasure that today, in the premises of the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia is taking place an event related to the initiative of the civil sector for the protection of Ohrid region as a single region in the Republic of Macedonia protected by UNESKO.

Today, once more we confirm that the Parliament is truly opening to the citizens, towards the civil society sector and to the media. By opening the sessions of the Parliament to the citizens, we facilitated the approach of the citizens to the deputies within the Parliament building. 

We will make a commitment for grater and more accessible cooperation with the nongovernment sector in a whole.

That is why, through this event, on the day of the Ohrid Lake, we enable for this initiative of the Ecological Association of citizens "Front 21/42“, initiative for protection of the Ohrid region as a single region under the umbrella of UNESKO, to be seen and heard. 


The protection of the environment is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. This important citizen's initiative is only one link in the chain of activities in the sphere of ecologic and reflects the motto "Think global, act local". I believe that this initiative will receive even wider support of the citizens and will contribute in changing our consciousness towards the environment, our attitude towards our lake pearl as a world natural heritage and wealth of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as rising of the ecological awareness. 

I am pleased with the fact that this initiative is supported by deputies from more parliamentary parties who formed e non formal group of deputies named "Friends of UNESCO“. 

I use this occasion to welcome the involvement of the international partners, especially the National Democratic Institute, who give an important contribution for realisation of the activities related to this initiative. 

I wish you further success in realising your initiatives and goals regarding the environment protection. At the end, once more in this occasion, I would like to repeat my attitude and believe to commit to restoring of institutional integrity of the Assembly in the Constitutional system of Republic of Macedonia, as a legislative body elected by the citizens, and thus strengthening the citizen's confidence in this institution.

Thank You


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