Parliamentary Leadership

Tuesday, 30 November 2021


At today's protocol meeting with the newly appointed non-resident Ambassador of Malaysia to the Republic of North Macedonia, H.E. Francisco Munis, the President of the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi wished the Ambassador a successful term and underlined that, although we have established diplomatic relations with Malaysia since 1993, there is a lack of significant bilateral cooperation at all levels. In that context, he expressed hope that relations could be mutually encouraged to intensify, both politically and economically, above all.

President Xhaferi also stressed the importance of parliamentary diplomacy, emphasizing the good cooperation with Malaysia on a multilateral level within the UN. He also referred to the agreements between the two parties, as well as to our agreement initiatives for which we still do not have a response from the Malaysian side.

The Ambassador of Malaysia, H.E. Francisco Munis expressed satisfaction with the meeting and the opportunity to be Ambassador of Malaysia to the Republic of North Macedonia. He fully agreed with President Xhaferi that the bilateral cooperation between the two countries is at an unsatisfactory level and expressed readiness to work and invest all efforts during his term on intensifying the political and economic cooperation at all levels. In that regard, he also stressed that he would convey these messages of readiness for parliamentary cooperation to the Speaker of the Malaysian Parliament.

In the end, both interlocutors agreed that in the coming period they will work together to encourage mutual communication and cooperation between the two countries.


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