Parliamentary Leadership

Tuesday, 18 January 2022


Today, the President of the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mr Talat Xhaferi had a meeting with Mr Kairat Abdrakhmanov, OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities.

President Xhaferi congratulated his interlocutor on his appointment to this important position in the OSCE. He conveyed his gratitude to all the previous OSCE High Commissioners on National Minorities, for all the support that our country has received in recent years in the great efforts to improve interethnic relations and promote greater awareness of the integration of minorities in society. He informed the guest that the Republic of North Macedonia, as the next OSCE Chair-in-Office for 2023, has a vision to promote priorities of common interest to all OSCE participating States and to incorporate the main principles and commitments of the OSCE, including the principles of human and minority rights.

The High Commissioner on National Minorities, Abdrakhmanov, highlighted that the co-operation of state institutions, the academic community and the non-governmental sector in the country with all OSCE bodies is highly appreciated. He stressed that he is available for logistical and administrative support and assistance during our OSCE Chairmanship and indicated that he is committed to strengthening social cohesion and multiethnic coexistence in the Republic of North Macedonia. He showed special interest in the application of the Badinter principle of voting in the Assembly, as well as the concept of "One Society for All", which President Xhaferi explained in detail.

Both interlocutors agreed that the Republic of North Macedonia stands out as a positive example and reference for the entire region and beyond. Our country is an example of a functioning multiethnic democracy in line with the values and commitments of the OSCE and seeks to be an active contributor to OSCE foreign policy and other multilateral forums.


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