Parliamentary Leadership

Friday, 5 November 2021


Today, the President of the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, had a bilateral meeting with the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Niko Peleshi. 

At the meeting, President Xhaferi noted that the two countries are bound by sincere friendship and cooperation which in the future is expected to be further strengthened and promoted, especially now that the Republic of North Macedonia is a full member of NATO, which has further increased the cooperation in the field of defense by holding joint exercise activities in both countries. He informed about the recent local elections that took place in a fair and democratic atmosphere and about the election results which will certainly be respected by all political entities. He confirmed that the Republic of North Macedonia fully adheres to the commitment for European integration and works with dedication to the regional initiative Open Balkans, in order for more countries in the region to join it. President Xhaferi sent sincere congratulations on the election of Albania as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council from January 1, 2022.  

Following the conversation, the President informed the interlocutor about the recent bilateral meeting within the margins of the Conference in Athens with Ms. Lindita Nikola, the new President of the Assembly of the Republic of Albania and expressed confidence in intensifying cooperation at the parliamentary level in the future, once established the Parliamentary Group for Cooperation with the Republic of North Macedonia in the Albanian Parliament.  

Minister Peleshi stressed that in Albania all developments in the Republic of North Macedonia are closely monitored, expressing confirmation of the high level of respect for democratic standards in the election process in the country. He pointed out that many things connect us as countries, especially the European integration process for which he expects progress to be made soon. He informed on the recent developments in the Republic of Albania, especially after the parliamentary elections in April 2021. He pointed out that although the Balkans is a turbulent region with many challenges and surprises, it is still necessary to persist in the integration processes which are in the interest of both countries and citizens. 

The interlocutors especially emphasized the need for greater infrastructural connection, through cooperation projects within the framework of IPA 2 cross-border cooperation program, in order to encourage the cross-border economic, environmental and social development, as well as their intensification. The two agreed that the construction of roads must continue, as well as the energetic and rail connection between the two countries within the Corridor 8, with the aim of greater exchange of people, goods and services for which there is huge potential. 


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