Parliamentary Leadership

Thursday, 5 December 2013


The President Veljanoski expressed his pleasure from the established relations on parliamentary level in all segments, the dynamics of meetings and cooperation between the Speakers of the Parliaments, Parliamentary Groups for Cooperation and Committees. He expressed appreciation to Hungary for using our constitutional name in the bilateral cooperation, underlining that this is very significant for the Republic of Macedonia. The President Veljanoski informed the Prime Minister on the current political affairs, implemented reforms and the achievements in the European integration, the positive reports and recommendations from the European Commission.

The President Veljanoski underlined that the Republic of Macedonia appreciates the principle policy of Hungary regarding the support for the integration of the whole Balkan in the European Union, as well as the support towards the countries which have fulfilled the needed criteria for NATO Membership, underlining that the integration is important for the stability of the Region and Europe.

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Mr. Orban, expressed appreciation for the meeting and expressed pleasure from the well developed and friendly relations between the two states. He emphasized that the fact that all relevant institutions evaluate the elections in the Republic of Macedonia as fair and free, provides the Parliament with an essential position in an European and democratic state. He underlined that  Hungary and the Republic of Macedonia have years - long connections, historical destiny, which is important and which influences the politics, Hungary to understand the challenges of the Republic of Macedonia.

He expressed pleasure from the development of the economic relations, underlining that they are acquainted with the current economic parameters in the Republic of Macedonia that one should congratulate on the achieved economic results which are significant and prominent in Europe and which demonstrate political and economic stability of the state.

Mr. Orban referred to the changes in the centre, the core of the city, that he had opportunity to see during his most recent stay in Skopje and congratulated thereof.

Regarding the integration of the Republic of Macedonia in the European family, he underlined that the opinion of Hungary for this topic is clear, the European Union needs the Republic of Macedonia as its member, the European Union experiences some problems and that handling these problems requires change of the concept, and in the process the Balkan should be seen as opportunity, rather than a problem.

Mr. Orban underlined that they are acquainted with the dispute we have with the Southern neighbour; that it is not rightful it to be positioned as a condition and that he is against the politics of this issue to be a problem obstructing the integration in the European Union. He also emphasised that he, himself, was the first one presenting this opinion before the European Union and that he was supported by many colleagues.

Regarding the Atlantic integration, Mr. Orban underlined that Hungary desires to be at the table when the Republic of Macedonia signs the membership in NATO and that every step in direction of integration and participation of the structure of the Alliance is a right step.

The Prime Minister expressed his pleasure from the ratification of the Agreement in the area of education, in other words, the 20 scholarships from Hungary for Macedonian students and emphasised that he wishes more Hungarian students to study in the Republic of Macedonia.


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