Parliamentary Leadership

Tuesday, 28 December 2021 


Dear Citizens,
Respected Media,
I invited you today to give my final annual statement, which will certainly reach our esteemed citizens, and all those who are interested in the work and the level of functionality and fulfillment of the legislature.

Unfortunately, this year too, we were forced to function following the protocols for protection against COVID-19, which of course imposed certain changes in the daily work of the legislature. In addition, we had constant absences of MPs due to illness with the virus. 

Committee meetings and plenary sessions, as you know, took place without your presence, which was a handicap for both you and us, however, it was required by the health protocols. We tried not to have other events or gatherings with a larger group of people indoors. We continued to hold the plenary sessions in the Great Hall of the Assembly, better known as the Dome, which on the other hand imposed a slightly simpler way of voting and counting the votes of the MPs.

- Due to the protocols, organized visits of the citizens to the Assembly were interrupted, and they took place in a virtual way.

- This year we also had regular local elections which impose certain restrictions on the work of the legislature during election activities based on the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly, so that in that period we did not hold plenary and committee sessions. 

- In addition, you are aware that after the elections and the announced resignation of the Prime Minister, there was a period of uncertain political life in the country, which in turn caused partial or technical functionality of domestic institutions, including the Assembly of course.

- However, even in such restrictive conditions, the legislature has confirmed its effectiveness and productivity in these conditions. In this context, as you can see from the distributed Review, you can conclude the following:

 Out of 59 plenary sessions, 39 are finished.
 A total of 20 plenary sessions remain unfinished.
 A total of 209 laws were adopted in 2021, of which:- 111 in regular procedure;- 79 in shortened procedure.
 Of these, 188 laws were submitted by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, while 21 were tabled by Members of the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia.

In addition, 21 laws on Ratification of Agreements between the Republic of North Macedonia and other countries were adopted.

The remaining, unfinished items that should be considered at the meetings of the parent committees and further processed at plenary sessions are as follows: 

• Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Water Resources Management – 7 items;
• Committee on European Affairs –  12 items;
• Committee on Political System and Inter-Ethnic Relations – 10 items;
• Committee on Defence and Security – 1 item;
• Committee on Healthcare, 2 items;
• Finances and Budget Committee – 6 items;
• Committee on Education, Science and Sport – 5 items;
• Committee on Economy, 4 items;
• Committee on Transport, Communications and Environment, 9 – items.

From all the above, I can conclude that we tried to make the political dialogue, the presentation of arguments and the battle to change and improve the legal provisions to facilitate the life of our citizens, take place here, within the house of democracy, and all of this could be followed through the parliamentary channel and online streaming.

Dear media,

I am not saying that this is the maximum we could have done, on the contrary, we can always do more, but I assure you that our constitutional and procedural obligations will continue to be the basic framework in which the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia will move. 

I wish you good health, success on a personal and professional level and may we have a Happy and prosperous New Year 2022!

And one more thing at the end, let me take this opportunity to congratulate the birthday of the respected Sonja Nikolovska, who is a longtime rapporteur of the Assembly and is practically part of the legislature, and to wish her good health, happiness and success in the performance of her duty!


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