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Thursday, 12 December 2013, Tirana, Albania

The President Veljanoski officialy visits the Republic of Albania

In the framework of the official visit to the Republic of Albania, the President of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Trajko Veljanoski met his colleague, the Speaker of the Albanian Parliament, Mr. Ilir Meta; the President of the State, Mr. Bujar Nishani and the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Niko Peleshi.  

At the meeting, both Speakers expressed pleasure from the established good relations between the two Parliaments, on the level of Speakers, but also on the level of the Parliamentary Group for Cooperation and Committees. 

Mr. Meta underlined that the overall support can be additionally strengthened, with a pragmatic and constructive approach which will provide the citizens better life standards. He expressed determination to rise the cooperation on even higher level, for which, the messages sent by the representatives of the two states are very significant.  

Mr. Meta underlined that Albania expresses open support for the Republic of Macedonia, emphasizing that it should be Member of NATO and open accession negotiations with the European Union. If these topics depend on Albania, the Republic of Macedonia would have been a Member of these two Organizations. 

The interlocutors expressed expectations that the Republic of Albania will receive the candidate status and preparedness to share the gained experience of the Republic of Macedonia as a candidate state. 

The Albanian hosts congratulated the Republic of Macedonia for the attraction of foreign investments, agriculture and farming, and were interested in the experience in these two particular areas. 

The economic cooperation and prosperity was underlined as obligation for the politicians, but also a manner for surpassing the political difficulties and obstacles, as well as opportunity, through economic growth to surpass some problems from the past.

The Regional Cooperation, initiatives and concrete projects, are the moments in which all interlocutors recognizes good opportunity for joint approach in the European institutions and an excelled opportunity for benefit and prosperity of the whole region and between image for each state. 

One of the topics of the meetings was the minorities in the two state, dedication to strengthening the mutual trust, implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement, the significance of the two minorities for the states they live in as a reality and a possibility for building a more stabile bridge in the relations of the two states.

It was underlined that the Albanians in the Republic of Macedonia and the Macedonians in the Republic of Albania are a factor which unites, rather than separate, since they are a organic tie between the two states. 

The significance of the visits and the meetings on every level are considered to be an additional impetus and a contribution for the strengthening of the overall relations, promotion of friendly connections, clear message and signal to the citizens and the business community for closer and better cooperation. 

The President of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, in the framework of the official visit addressed before the Members of the Parliament of the Republic of Albania. 


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