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Monday, 10 February 2014

Meeting of the president veljanoski and the parliamentary deputy minister on foreign affairs of Japan, mr. Takao MAKINO

The President of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Trajko Veljanoski had a meeting with the Parliamentary Deputy Minister on Foreign Affairs of Japan, Mr. Takao Makino, who is also member of the Upper House of the Parliament of Japan. 

Both interlocutors expressed pleasure from the meeting and concluded that this meeting is another confirmation for the good relations between the Republic of Macedonia and Japan which will be further developed in the future. 

At the meeting, the President Veljanoski expressed preparedness for promotion of the parliamentary cooperation between the two states, on the level of Speakers of Parliaments, but also on the level of committees and parliamentary groups for cooperation. He also underlined that opening the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia to Tokio is very significant for the deepening of the diplomatic relations, which this year mark 20 years from their establishment. 

Mr. Takao Makino expressed his personal preparedness to reactivate the parliamentary group for cooperation with the Republic of Macedonia in the Diet, which will provide an additional impetus for the promotion of the parliamentary cooperation between the two states. 

Considering the cooperation between Macedonia and Japan in the multilateral area, both interlocutors expressed pleasure from the mutual support in the framework of the United Nations. 

The President Veljanoski expressed appreciation for the support by Japan in the election of the Republic of Macedonia as Member of the Human Rights Council for the period of 2014 – 2016. 

The meeting also referred to the cooperation between the two states in many areas, and the President Veljanoski expressed his pleasure from the fact that Japan is one of the biggest bilateral donors to the Republic of Macedonia. This financial assistance is realized through projects in various areas, such as the project realized this year by Japanese experts drafting a feasibility study for reconstruction of the collector system of the Ohrid Lake. 

Mr. Makino expressed pleasure from the numerous finalized projects in the Republic of Macedonia, especially the irrigation projects, which is a benefit for the citizens in the future.  


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