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Friday, 27 June 2014  


The President of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Trajko Veljanoski heads the Delegation of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, comprised of the MPs Kenan Hasipi, Ilija Dimovski and Rexhail Ismaili and Gazmend Aliji, during the two- day’s official visit to the Republic of Turkey.  

In the framework of this visit the President Veljanoski met his colleague, the President of the Grand National Assembly of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Jemil Çiçek.  

At the meeting, the two Presidents of Assembly expressed pleasure from the good relations between the two states, which are more than friendly, with well established cooperation between the two parliaments, exercised on the level of Speakers, as well as on the level of Committees and Parliamentary Groups for Cooperation.  

The President Çiçek congratulated the President Veljanoski on his new mandate as President of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia and expressed pleasure from the opportunity to continue the so far excellent cooperation.  

Mr. Çiçek also underlined that the Republic of Macedonia has the key role at the Balkan and that the Republic of Turkey supports the Republic of Macedonia in the solution of the name dispute, as well as the aspirations for Membership in NATO and EU.  

The President Veljanoski expressed appreciation for the principal support received from the Republic of Turkey on the Euro - Atlantic path. He also stated that the regional cooperation is important, especially in the Process of South East European Process for Cooperation.  

The meeting also referred to the possibilities for economic cooperation and the importance of the foreign investments in direction of building a more prosperous and stabile society and region, as well as improvement of the living standards for the citizens.  

The President Veljanoski referred to the relations between the minorities of the two states and underlined that the Turkish Community in the Republic of Macedonia, through its active contribution in all areas, significantly contributes in the overall economic, cultural and democratic development of our state.  

The Delegation also had a meeting with the Vice Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Bülent Arınç.  

Mr. Arınç expressed his pleasure from the fact that the Republic of Turkey was among the first states which recognized the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name and expressed hope that the excellent cooperation between the two states will continue.  

The President Veljanoski stated that the Republic of Turkey is a friend which gives open and continuous support for the Republic of Macedonia for the full - fledged membership in Nation, for which Republic of Macedonia is thankful and always prepared to respond to the support.       

He also stated that even though the Republic of Macedonia has not yet received, formally and legally, membership in NATO remains determined to the obligations, as if it is a Member of the Alliance, since we are aware that Macedonia is a significant factor for the stability of the Region.

The interlocutors agreed that the economic cooperation is very important for the overall relations between the states. The pleasure from the so far development of the economic relations between the states between the two states was expressed and the interest for deepening the trade and economic cooperation was underlined. 

The Vice Prime Minister Arınç underlined that the Republic of Turkey is prepared and interested to invest in the Republic of Macedonia- in all areas. He also underlined that the so far successful Turkish investments in the Republic of Macedonia are a result of the good conditions in the Republic of Macedonia and because of which the Republic of Turkey invests in the Republic of Macedonia.  

The interlocutors discussed the current political events in the two states, the elections in the Republic of Macedonia, the oncoming elections in the Republic of Turkey, as well as the cooperation between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Turkey in other areas, such as education and culture. 


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