The Women Parliamentarians’ Club is an informal group of Women Parliamentarians from the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia, regardless of their political orientation.

The Club was established on 7th March 2003, in the framework of the Regional Project on the Pact of Stabilization – on Gender Equality, and facilitated by the local partner, Macedonian Women’s Lobby, NCWM and the Department on Promotion of Gender Equality from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. During the past 5 years the Women Parliamentarians’ Club had a task to review the existing and propose new legislation in the area of gender issues.


The Women Parliamentarians’ Club acts in accordance with its common and single goal – achievement of gender equality and promotion of women’s rights, active participation in the state’s decision making process, as well as strengthening and disseminating democracy in every area of the Macedonian society through legal solutions.  


  • With the Amendments to the Election Code a legal provision was adopted to ensure that at least every third position on the candidates’ election lists be allocated to the less represented gender (in 2006, 37 women MPs – 30.8% of all MPs – were elected;
  • Support for the drafting and adoption of a Law on Equal Opportunities;
  • Tabling amendments to the Law on Health Insurance to ensure free preventive gynecological examinations for the early detection of cervix cancer and breast cancer for all women in the Republic;
  • Amendments to the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance, which extended the retirement age based on years of work experience, by an additional two years;
  • Support to incorporate a new chapter for the protection of victims of family violence into the Law on Families;
  • Amendments to the Law on Games of Chance and Entertainment Games (Gambling Law) to establish a special fund to fight against family violence;
  • Amendments to the 2008 State Budget to increase funding for centers providing shelter for the homeless and victims of family violence. 


Women Parliamentarians’ Club of the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia

e-mail: k@sobranie.mk