Parliamentary Leadership

Friday, 5 March 2021


Dear pupils,
Dear teachers,
Dear guests in the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia, who, unfortunately, are only virtual guests. 

I believe that for all of you it would have been much more fun if we could be able to welcome you here in the building of the legislature, where you cold closely see that what you watch in television sometimes, is an actual reality that is going on near you, and is so accessible to all of you. However, I know that you too, as all the people worldwide, are aware of the health risk that the whole world goes through and on the health protocols which must be followed in order to reduce or completely eradicate the COVID – 19 pandemic, therefore, I ask for understanding and patience until we defeat this evil. Let’s return to today and the reason of our meeting, namely, the workshop and the Children’s Parliament. I am sure you know what I am talking about, because learning about the three powers on which the state is founded and built is an integral part of the primary education curriculum, that is, the legislature, executive and judiciary. I am the President of the Assembly, I am the first among equals, which means that I am primarily an MP, as my 119 fellows, but in this term I have an additional responsibility, that is to be the President of all MPs, my fellows, and for me this represents an enormous honor and privilege.  In doing so, I should be objective, impartial, fair and always accessible and open for a constructive dialogue, conversation, and certainly, support. It is my responsibility to take care of the functionality of the Assembly and successful and uninterrupted performance of the basic function, which is the adoption of laws, whether they are new or amended laws. Why do we need laws? Because without laws and legal regulation of each issue, each right, each obligation of citizens towards the state and the state towards the citizens, chaos and disorder would occur in the country. 

Dear students,

The Assembly, as the legislature of the citizens is a mirror and reflection of the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia, i.e. in each newly elected composition of MPs, we have representatives of all ethnic communities in the country, so we have Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, Serbian, Vlach, Roma and other MPs. All of them, primarily represent the citizens who voted and elected them in the constituencies in which they ran. This is because each MP knows best the area where he comes from. He knows the problems faced locally by his fellow citizens, villagers and is the first and the most competent to elaborate and seek a solution for the problem here, at the central level, whether it is for a need of amending or supplementing a legal solution or adopting a new one. Because, that is the purpose of law, to facilitate the life of the citizens by providing equal rights and liabilities, fair and non-discriminatory treatment before justice, guarantee of basic and universal human rights, which are valid in every and the smallest part of our planet Earth. Then, providing equal competitive opportunities for all in the labor market, providing equal opportunities for health care, education, upgrading and opening new horizons of knowledge. It will make the citizens satisfied and loyal and to see the state as their home and shelter where they can accomplish all of their goals, desires and plans for the future. I believe that I managed to introduce you to some extent how important the work of the MPs in the legislature is. Now, given that we are the face of the people, of course we should set a personal example by being dignified in everything we do, that is, when we address the rostrum publicly, when we have discussions or debates on certain issues that affect our citizens or we have replies and counter-replies  to our fellow MPs. We should be especially careful about how we use the words, the acts we make and the body language we practice, how it all reflects on our fellow citizens, how they perceive every word, attitude or side that we take. Because, regardless of which political party we come from, which program we support, our roadmap should always be the welfare and equality of all our citizens, unity and common struggle for a better tomorrow. Our motivation should be an advances, successful and developed Republic of North Macedonia, a country ruled by democracy and justice, a country that is an example of good neighborliness and cooperation, and strong supporter and contributor to regional and world peace.   

Dear children,

Today, you will participate in this workshop in which you will play the role of an MP and will discuss on the topic “Online teaching versus teaching with physical presence” and I believe that you will succeed to understand the power of the word, speech and the power that a law has. Let this be just a fragment in your life journey, just a small introduction of your active participation in the social and political life in the country. Be good at everything you do, be brave in each decision that you make and be proud of every good thing that you will do in your life. I look forward to the day when one of you, encouraged by today’s workshop, will decide to be part of the legislature with a clear vision and set goal – to give the maximum for the best of our country and our citizens.

I wish you success and thank you for the attention


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