The legal position and authority of the Inter-CommunityRelations Committee derive from the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia,or more precisely from the Amendment XII and the Law on the Inter-CommunityRelations Committee, adopted in 2007.

Pursuant to this Law, the Committee shall beelected by the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia; it is comprised of 19MPs-seven MPs from among the Albanian and Macedonian community each, and one MPfrom the Turkish, Vlach, Roma, Serbian and Bosnian ethnic communities. If thereis no representative from some of a community the Ombudsman in consultationwith the relevant representatives from those communities, and after receiving theopinion, will propose the other members from the appropriate community to bemembers of the Committee to the Assembly. 

The basic competences of the Committee include examining the issues relating tothe inter-community relations and giving proposals for their solution.

Relevant for the competence and obligations of the Committee (for moreinformation see the attached law) is the X Constitutional Amendment replacingArticle 69 of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia, which regulatesthe voting procedure, i.e. introduces the so-called `Badinter Principle` in theadoption of laws that directly concern the rights of national communities. Thelaw clearly indicates the laws to which the principle applies, and regulatesthe `Badinter Rule` and the voting procedure.

With its work so far, the Inter-Community Relations Committee has establisheditself as a body with an important role and responsibility in theimplementation of the general and special right of the members of the nationalcommunities. In that way, it has played a vital role and provided significantcontribution in the development of the multicultural and multi-ethnic dimensionof the Macedonian society, true harmony among all citizens, thus strengtheningthe overall parliamentary democracy in the Republic of Macedonia.

Law on Inter-Community Relations Committee

The Members ofthe Inter-Community Relations Committee shall be: 

                                     Chairperson: ERMIRA MEHMETI

                         Deputy chairperson: MARINELA MARICHIKJ-TUSHEVA

- From Macedonianethnic belonging: SILVANA BONEVA
                                                           GJORGJI KODZABASIEV
                                                           RISTO MANCHEV
                                                           VASKO MICEVSKI
                                                           CVETANKA IVANOVA
                                                           OLIVER SPASOVSKI
                                                           MENDE DINEVSKI

- From Albanianethnic belonging:       
                                                           NEXHATI JAKUPI 
                                                           XHEVAT ADEMI
                                                           BEXHIDZUDIN SEHABI
                                                           ORHAN IBRAIMI
                                                           BEKIM FAZLIU
                                                           NAXHI XHELILI

- From Turkishethnic belonging:         KENAN HASIPI

- From Roma ethnicbelonging:           AMDI BAJRAM

- From Serbianethnic belonging:        IVAN STOILJKOVIK

- From Bosniaks ethnic belonging:      SAFET BISHEVAC